Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had the chance to go to Bremerton over the Memorial Weekend and we found a very lovely surprise. The Underwater Naval Museum in Keyport WA. The admission way free and because of that we thought it would be on the disappointing side. But we were totally blown away. In fact, everyone should plan a time to go and see it! The kids learned so much, and so did Jake and I. We had a blast, and afterwards went and spend money in the gift shop so that we would feel like we made our contribution. Here are some of the pictures at the museum and the rest of the trip. Oh, and the funniest thing we saw on our trip was "Central Park" in Keyport....just view the pictures below!!!

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  1. Love the posts you're rockin the bloggin! Also thanks for the suggestion. I can always use some new ideas of things to see for free.