Saturday, June 27, 2009

The day has arrived!

So it's 4:30 AM on a Saturday morning and I am blogging! But the real reason is that I get to run the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon today!!! I have been training with my friend Jane even though it sold out before I could get registered. But thanks to Craig's List and a woman who hurt her knee, I am now able to run the race. This has been such a crazy 9 week journey for me. Before this I have never really been a runner. And now I love it and I can't wait to get out there. There is a huge sense of accomplishment on my part because I could barely run a mile when we started training. I have had so much fun, and I've really grown, and honestly...I am proud of myself! Wish us, (me,) luck and I'll see you at the finish line!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck Cindy! Break a leg - wait, I don't think that is a good luck thing to say for running. ;) I think you are amazing!